Invivtor Lavalier Microphone Wireless Microphone for iPhone and Android

Invivtor Lavalier Microphone Wireless Microphone for iPhone and Android
Get it here: – on Amazon US/UK
I bought this as my iPhone 8 Plus microphone pics up a lot of background noise.

This is reasonably priced and does a good job with noise cancellation.

Just plug the lightning adapter onto the USBC connector and plug into your phone, then switch on the microphone and when you go to record, it will automatically work.

A bit more about the mic:
The latest lavalier microphone uses advanced lightning receiver(Also have Type-c receiver) and microphone transmitter, Simply plug the transmitter into the device (Lightning port or Type-c port) to directly connect to synchronized recording. Simple operation and easy to use!

Microphone wireless built-in high sensitivity pickup parts, maximum support 20khz high frequency. The lapel microphone is equipped with a professional noise reduction chip and windproof net, can record the details of each sound even in noisy environment.

Built in omnidirectional condenser microphone supports multi-channel real-time mixing, which can capture sounds from all directions while ignoring distortion and irritating sounds. Designed for Bloggers, Youtubers, TikTok, Podcasters, Interviewers, Vloggers and other video recording lovers.

wireless lavalier microphone Built in 90mAh battery, One charge can continuous work about 10 hours, Wireless microphones & receiver Features latest RF Chipset which broadcasts on 2.4GHz frequency spectrum, wireless transmission up to 20m. Make Video recording so easy.

Lavalier microphone is suitable for iPhone 5/6/7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XR, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max.12/12 Pro, iPad 2/3/4, iPad Air series, iPad Pro series (Note: the latest version of type-c port is supported).

This is going to be a quick review of a Wireless microphone for iphones and Um other phones i think usb c phones as Well I’ve got an iphone 8 plus and i’m Testing it with this phone i’m not Plugging it in yet so i’ll show you First so this is the actual um bit that Goes into the phone It’s got a lightning adapter And if you pull it out You’ve got a usbc connector on there as Well So you plug it back in Um there it goes So to turn it on you just i’m gonna plug This into your phone And it will actually straight away And this is the actual mic itself it’s Got a little muffler on top little clip And it’s got a small button on the back There i don’t have to focus into it And then just there there’s a power Button So once you plug into your phone you Press the power button it sinks off Straight away And it works i tested a little bit Worked reasonably well For the price is not bad because i’ve Seen some for about uh 150 100 pounds this cost me about 20 Pounds about 24. It’s got a usbc charger on there as well

I’m not sure the battery life for hours To check on the site I bought from amazon i’ll put a link for This down below And i’ll do a quick test with the mic Plugged in but the audio quality is Noticeably sharper than without this Plugged in So give me a second i’ll just switch Over Okay so now i’ve got it plugged in so You see a little green light comes on Sure that’s ready So i’ll click this to my uh my sweater Here just give me a second I’ve got it about halfway up my chest on To my sweater And i’ll just show you what else they Give you a little usbc charging cable The manual is very basic you don’t Really need to read this just plug and Play Um It’s got 20 meter range which is pretty Impressive Precise radio Clear it’s got a uh a noise canceling Chip on there what they said Which i don’t know we’ll see of course About 20 pounds that’s not bad Um i’m going to use this to do some Other videos so i thought i’ll show you Quickly before i start That’s what you get in the box that’s

All you really need So i’ll move on to the next bit and i’ll Show you the price and stuff on the pc Okay this is the product page i bought It yesterday And it’s really gone down by one pound Today it’s on offer on a lightning deal And it cost me 19.99 pounds And it’s a lavalier microphone by in viv Tool Had 27 ratings it was one of the Cheapest ones Um the model u6 lightning and usb c It’s got some decent reviews Um plug and play wireless yep i’ve got That working straight away i didn’t read The manual i pulled it out plugged it in And Switched on the microphone and it just Synced up straight away it was working i Tested it i walked about five meters Away i tested it working fine I believe it uses 2.4 gigahertz wireless So i’m not sure what the range is i Could test it Maybe make another video and test it But yeah um there were some issues that People reported Someone saying that it didn’t work Um as you can see it worked straight Away for me someone said didn’t work for Samsung But a lot of people the majority did say That it works okay

I mean for 20 quid when you get similar Products for 100 pounds Um Yeah i mean as long as it works it’s Fine So anyway there’s a link for this down Below You can read the reviews that you can Check out for yourself And thanks for watching

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