Ogrifix Work Grip Gloves
Get them here: https://geni.us/SzuU
A bit of a weird review but I like the gloves so much I thought why not.

They are pretty durable, good grip even when wet. They work out pretty cheap as they are sold in a pack of 24.

I have been using for a few several weeks now and I think they are amongst the better gloves I have used for handling fridges, even roofing stuff – whatever.

In this video I’ll show you some new Gloves I just bought Um I wanted some clubs that would give Me good grip when I’m moving like uh Applying to that fridges and cookers and Stuff And there were some that I used by Marksman but I can’t seem to find him Anywhere so I grabbed these ones then And the reviews seemed good and they Seemed like they were pretty reliable We just put one on I’m medium-sized so I’ve got the medium size it’s called Ugly fix Latex coated grip gloves These are the actual gloves they fit Quite nicely Uh what do you say on the clothes Okay not much but it’s a size 8 medium And actually I’ve got some props here so I’ll do a quick test with the wet and Dry This is a bit of wood I think it’s got a really good grip on There I feel like it’s really stuck hard I can Shake up and now it’s not moving It’s a bit of a weird review anyway I’ve got this empty plastic tub Look at that good grip as well And I’ve got one more It’s a bit of monkey old glass So you see icon like this And it’s stuck first now what I’ll do

I’m going to stick some water on these Gloves and see how they are because That’s why I wanted to see if I can get Some good gloves that will work well When they’re a little bit damp I’ve got a little Cup of water here let me just stick them On my gloves I’m loading my hands Fully wet Let me do the Palm as well and let me Grab the uh the glass first Okay I put a slight slippage It’s a little bit slippage but it’s Actually got some grip on there which is Good Over here Smashing it Let me grab the plastic container Go by the handle now let me grab the Side I’m gonna find a full one I’m not holding it too tight Foreign But even on the table it’s on by the Table Even on the table and uh yeah it feels Pretty good I’m happy that it grips the Glass and plastic Um let me find a bit of metal Um What can I grab I’ve got an old washing machine motor Let me grab this one quickly Okay heavy

That’s a watch me motor And you know I don’t know how to grab it Um On the way again Grab the side Okay the grip is not bad it’s quite Heavy the grip is pretty good so I’m Happy with this good purchase I reckon The only thing is the longevity I don’t Know where it lasts for I don’t know But um I mean they’re really cheap I Think worked out like uh 50p or definitely under a pound per Glove they’re 24 in this big bag Two bags put together And yeah I’m quite impressed there’s a Link down below if you want to buy it um Yeah I hope you find it useful leave me A comment or something I’ll do some more uh DIY product reviews Thanks

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