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DNS is often overlooked when optimising a site for performance and speed. After doing some research and having spoken to some high-level SEO experts, I decided to try DNS Made Easy for premium DNS.

The difference in speed is incredible and the cost was very affordable.

My DNS speed was 99% faster than before my change to DNS Made Easy.

Why DNS Made Easy?

After speaking to some very high-level SEOs, I was recommended to DNS Made Easy. I searched for information about their services, pricing and their DNS speeds and was surprised to find that they are one of the fastest premium DNS providers in the world! Where does DNS Made Easy rank overall?

DNS is ranked on reliability, performance as well as other factors.
The ultimate resource for monitoring all of this data is DNS Perf which lists all of the major providers and ranks with real data.

At the moment, DNS Made Easy is ranked 6th best overall in the world according to real testing and data – quite impressive. DNS Made Easy Setup

Setup is quite easy and straight forward. Simply register, add your domains, add the domain records and then change the nameservers at your domain registrar.

My Results

My average speed in milliseconds was 141.71 before the change

This dropped to a low of 1.46 milliseconds! Almost 99% faster!

Is DNS Made Easy Worth It?

I considered this question and my answer is definitely yes!
The price is very reasonable for rock-solid premium DNS service, the speeds are incredible, amongst the fastest in the world.

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