Car DVR Test – A7 DVR CPU vs A12 DVR CPU Test – Daytime London

Quick test video of my new car dvr with an A12 CPU vs the old DVR with A7 CPU. Test is not completely fair as the A7 was set to 2560×1080 @ 25FPS and the A12 DVR was set to 1920x1080p @ 60fps. Video uploaded at 1080p. Also the A7 is central and the A12 is to the side and lower, causing it to catch more of the sun.
I will do a proper test with the same settings on both and at night time where the A12 should excel.
For the full spec check them out at Amazon below:
A12 DVR :
A7 DVR : – Discontinued but spec still online
From Channel: TDWTV1 – (
Video URL:

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