Arsenal v Chelsea Community Shield ABBA Penalty Shootout 06-08-2017 Wembley Stadium London

The ABBA penalty shootout system was used to decide the winner after a 1-1 ending. I personally prefer this system over the standard shootout. Managed to catch all of the penalties and immediate Arsenals’ celebrations.

This is the view from my seat inside Wembley Stadium, Block 514, Row 23 – the second row from the back TOP TIER!! Very good view and central behind the goal. Despite the height of the row, the view is very good compared to the Arsenal Emirates Stadium plus there is the added bonus of an escalator going to the 5th tier 🙂

Shot this with my iPhone 7 Plus at 1080p60, I switched between 1x and 2x zoom.

I also have a video currently in editing, taken using my new camera Panasonic TZ100 shot in AVCHD 1080p50 with 10x zoom.

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