Do Not Use Thrive Themes – You cannot edit content if licence expires!

At our blog, we believe in delivering transparent and valuable insights to our readers. In today’s post, we want to shed light on an important aspect of using Thrive Themes. As web developers who have extensively worked with various platforms, our team has come across an important limitation. We feel it’s essential for you to be aware of the potential consequences of having an expired license with Thrive Themes – specifically, the inability to edit your content. Join us as we discuss this important issue, and explore alternative solutions that ensure seamless content management for your website.


In today’s article, we want to share our experience with Thrive Themes and why we no longer use it on our websites. We have encountered several issues that have led us to switch back to using other themes such as Astra, Spectra, and Kadence. In this article, we will discuss the main problems we faced and why we believe it’s crucial to avoid using Thrive Themes if you want to have full control over your website’s content.

The Main Issue: License Connection Problems

One of the primary reasons why we decided to stop using Thrive Themes was the problem we encountered with their license connection. If the license is not constantly connected to the site, we realized that we cannot edit the site’s content. This limitation became a significant roadblock for us when we wanted to make timely updates and modifications to our website.

The Product Manager Plugin Connection Woes

Another frustrating issue we faced with Thrive Themes was their Product Manager plugin connection. This plugin, which is crucial for managing and editing the site, frequently experienced connection issues. We found ourselves struggling to fix this problem, wasting valuable time that could have been used for improving our website.

The Exorbitant Price Hike

Aside from the technical difficulties, we were shocked to discover that Thrive Themes had raised their prices significantly. The previous reasonable cost of the theme suddenly skyrocketed to an absurd $599 for only five sites. This outrageous price increase was a deal-breaker for us, as it did not align with our budget or our expectations for the value we would receive in return.

Switching Back to Astra, Spectra, and Kadence

After experiencing numerous frustrations with Thrive Themes, we decided to revert to using Astra, Spectra, and Kadence. These themes have proven to be more reliable and user-friendly, providing us with the freedom and control we need to effectively manage and edit our site content. The ease of use and reasonable pricing of these themes have made the transition seamless and beneficial for our website.

Offering Reviews and Free Training

At our website, we are dedicated to providing reviews and free training to assist others in navigating the world of website building and design. We share our experiences and insights to help people make informed decisions when choosing themes, plugins, and other tools for their websites. Our goal is to empower individuals with the knowledge and resources they need to create successful online platforms.

Affiliate Compensation Disclaimer

We want to be fully transparent with our readers and disclose that we receive affiliate compensation for the reviews and promotions we offer. However, we assure you that our opinions are honest and unbiased. We would never recommend something solely for the purpose of generating affiliate income. It is our priority to provide valuable and trustworthy information to our audience.


In conclusion, we strongly advise against using Thrive Themes if you value the ability to edit and manage your website’s content without limitations. The license connection problem and the constant struggle with the Product Manager plugin are significant impediments that hinder smooth website management. Furthermore, the exorbitant price increase to $599 for five sites is simply unjustifiable. We have switched back to using Astra, Spectra, and Kadence, which have proven to be reliable, user-friendly, and reasonably priced alternatives. Remember, it’s essential to choose a theme that offers flexibility and ease of use to have complete control over your website’s content.


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